Truth Tuesday

New beginnings : Truthful Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Since I have a themed day for Thursday, I thought Tuesday would be another good themed day.  On Tuesdays, I’m going to post some truths about myself and specifically answer (if any) questions you readers may have.  (¯`·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯ `·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯) I am Korean American. South Korean, because people always have to ask.  My favorite… Continue reading New beginnings : Truthful Tuesday


Frequently Asked Questions.

I know I only just started this blog. But, I have had other accounts on other social media platforms that I have written about things. I love to answer any and all questions people have. I will be making a additional page with all of these questions and answers on them. (¯`·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯ `·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯) “Do you… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions.

Nerd Mama

This Mom is a Nerd.

WoW. World of Warcraft. I am playing as a Hunter. Finally got to level 10. Hopefully, next week I will be able to have a full subscription. Yep! That much of a nerd. Love it! (¯`·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯ `·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯) This is what has taken my time from being able to make a legit post today. I will… Continue reading This Mom is a Nerd.

Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday (About)

Hello!  One of my passions is something I can easily blog about. Cooking. I love to cook. Creating something yummy for everyone to enjoy is just splendid.  So, every Thursday, I am going to post a recipe of either my own creation, or something I’ve tweaked and made my own. I will always try to… Continue reading Tasty Thursday (About)

about me

What is a Name?

Name a word or set of words by which a person, animal, place, or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. Most people don’t think twice about names. They have no “special meaning”. Which, to me, seems crazy. As a writer, I am constantly looking for ways to add hidden meanings on my work. Easter… Continue reading What is a Name?